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History and background:

Yazd Shirini Sonnati, established in 1990, had a Construction Shop of 500 meter with 6 experienced staff and partners. Nowadays, it runs with 100 diligent personnel and more than 10,000 square meters workshop and store with the division headquarters and provincial branches. With over 500 years of experience and guidance of a skillful master called “Khalife”; whom was also the pioneer of this institution, the experienced staff, modern technology while maintaining the values of valuable experiences it produces sweet with completely natural high quality raw materials. In this way, we are proud to earn honors (the highest rank of making pastry) from the pastry Union of Yazd province. The unrivaled welcoming costumers encouraged us to establish branches of the Institution in Yazd province and other provinces and today with the help of a group of Iranian businessmen, Yazd traditional sweets, hits the boarders.

Yazd Shirini Sonnati respect and protect the health of consumers as part of its commitment. Hence, using useful and natural materials, we produce sweets such as: qutab, baghlava, pashmak, Yazdi cake, haji badam, Bidmeshk loze, pistaxchio loze,and …, which we represent as the best souvenir from Yazd.

Yazd Shirini Sonnati, while observing the quality of its products by offering them in divers, beautiful and hygienic packaging, tries to make your moments and your soul sweeter than ever. In this way, our name is distinctive and renowned all over in Yazd.

Some of our honors include:

  • the elite unit  by the Yazd Food Organization in 2012
  • Appreciation on behalf of WHO and the Food Exhibition

Appreciation of Cultural Heritage for the exhibition of traditional and cultural achievements


Certifications and honors

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